Progun Hose Adapter to allow you to fit the Maximist Quick Connect Metal Progun to your Allure Xena, Evolution TNT or Spraymate TNT hose.

(works for 2014 models and newer below, see unit examples pictured below)


This fits into the Allure Xena (not standard gun version) or TNT airhose (TNT Spraymate and Evolution base units), to adapt your hose to hold the progun.


May be needed if you adapter become lost. Can also be used to add a Progun to the listed units.


This part with fit the base units below, allowing you to pair them with a Metal progun with a Quick Connection fitting.








Package Includes one of ether below:

  • 1  adapter only for 2015/2016 style Spraymate TNT or Evolution TNT or Allure Xena (will not work with Allure standard gun units)


Please note, your Progun must have this Quick Connection Fitment piece to use this adapter (Current Model Proguns are all Quick Connection Type)

If you are unsure please call or message us prior to ordering